Frequently Asked Questions

King Properties Rentals - FAQ's

Who needs to apply?

We require that all adults (persons over 18) who will be living at the residence fill out an application and be approved. Not all have to be on the lease but we do need their information on file.

How long does it take to be approved? Is there a fee?

Applications generally take 1-2 days to process. If information is not provided on the app, it will take more time.

Is there a security deposit?

We do require a security deposit. It is the same amount as the monthly rent.

What are the qualifications?

Applicants authorize background and credit checks. We do work with you as best we can, often offering the option of a co-signer or double security deposit if not approved at first.

Do you accept vouchers?

Section 8 welcome. We will accept assistance from Community Services, PRC, ICAN, Salvation Army and other like agencies for your security deposit or help with rent during your residency.

How long is your lease?

We sign a standard 1-year rental agreement with all new residents. It will automatically transfer month-to-month after the initial term.

Do you allow pets? Fee?

We allow cats at all properties and do not charge a monthly fee. Dogs are only permitted at town homes and single family homes. We cannot allow more than two on the property. There is a $100 dog deposit, and monthly fee depending on the weight of your dog. If under 50 lbs., $25 per month. If over 50lbs., $50 per month.

Is there a maintenance staff?

We do have a maintenance staff Monday thru Friday. If there is an issue at your residence, they will generally be there to fix it within 24-48 hours. We do not have an emergency line.

What utility companies do you have service through?

We have service through AEP for electric and Dominion for gas. If required that you pay those utilities, you simply call and have the account transferred into your name so that the bills will be mailed to your apartment or home.

Can you work with me on the deposit?

We require that the full security deposit be paid before a lease is signed and keys are turned over. Unfortunately we cannot work out a payment plan with you for the security deposit or first month’s rent.

What happens if I break the lease?

We hope that all residents will stay with us for a few years, however if you decide to move before the end of your year lease, you will forfeit your security deposit and be liable for vacancy loss. This means that until the end of your initial term, you will be responsible financially for each month that the unit has not been rented to someone else.